World Book Day 2015


A poem created by the Primary 5-6 class, Castletown Primary School, Caithness, for World Book Day 2015

Books, books, books,

We can’t live without them!

Fact or fiction, large or small,

We can’t live without them!

Imagine a world without …

Fantasy books,

We wouldn’t drift off to magical lands

With mermaids and fairies,

Dragons and demons.

Imagine a world without…

Joke books,

Faces scowling and glum.

The chicken would never cross the road!

And the ‘Knock Knock’ door would stay shut!

Imagine a world without…

Factual books,

We wouldn’t have so much knowledge.

We wouldn’t know life beyond our door,

Those exciting people and places.

Imagine a world without…

Recipe books,

The same meals, day after day.

We wouldn’t know how to create

Delicious foods from far, far away.

Imagine a world without…

Instruction manuals,

We wouldn’t know how the world works!

New machines would be a mystery

And old ones couldn’t be repaired.

Imagine a world without…

Law books,

There wouldn’t be any rules!

Our lives would be chaotic and dangerous

There would be total anarchy!

Books, books, books,

We definitely can’t live without them!