Please see information about our involvement in Scotland’s first national art trail.

Oor Willie

We have been accepted to be part of a national art trail.  Please see the link below for further information.

In brief it is the Oor Willie BIG Bucket Trail Education programme. It is Scotland’s first ever nationwide art trail.  Artists have designed 150 life-size Oor Willie structures which will be on display around Inverness, Dundee, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Glasgow. I applied for Canisbay and Castletown to be part of this project and also to help raise money for our national hospitals for children in Scotland.  This includes the Archie Foundation and money raised in the Highlands will go to hospital care in the Highlands.

We will get a wee Oor Willie structure to decorate ourselves and then this will be part of the programme and part of an additional trail.  After it has been made it will be located in a local community setting and then it will return to us after the project has finished.  They have left us with a short time scale so I am putting home the sheet over the holidays so that families can think of ideas and submit them after the holidays.  We will then look over the designs and select lots of elements to put together so that we can get creating. We have to finish both structures for Canisbay and Castletown by May 17th so they can be collected for display.

The design can include blocks of colour, detailed design, decoupage pictures, glitter, mosaic, recycled materials, material, buttons, any other additions as long as they can be very secure.  There can’t be any branding or identities but we can include the school badge if we want.  The design could be themed or incorporate the environment it will be situated in.  Please let your child’s imagination run wild and I look forward to seeing lots of designs after the holidays. They will have to be given in on the Tuesday for consideration.

We will then submit a final design on Friday 26th April to the organisers and I will figure out the next steps. The fundraising element will come at a later stage.

Thank you

Have a great Easter holidays, I hope the sun shines for us all!

Mrs R Moodie

Oor Wullie Template