Castletown lies on the North Coast of Caithness, about five miles east of the town of Thurso on Dunnet Bay. The village owes its existence to the Caithness Flagstone Industry and dates to the beginning of the nineteenth century, when Sheriff Traill established a Pavement Works at Castlehill and built the associated Castletown Harbour. Several of the workers’ cottages still exist along the main street. Although the Flagstone Industry has now gone, Castletown is still a centre for industry as it is home to Icetech, one of the largest manufacturers of freezers in Europe. After being situated initially in the Traill Hall, a new school was provided in 1875 by the Olrig School Board. A Higher Grade Department was added, and although threatened with closure as early as 1935, it was not until 1966 that the senior department actually closed.

The school currently has a nursery class for 3 & 4 year olds and primary classes encompassing P1 to P7. The Nursery operates five mornings per week and is situated in the older part of the school. Nursery brochures are available from the school office or online at http://www.castletownprimaryschool.com or http://www.highland.gov.uk. At present there are 97 mainstream pupils and 19 Nursery children.

The school has a separate gymnasium as well as a school hall, with a stage, and rooms available for ICT, science, music, pupil support and meetings. It has a large area of tarmac and a large grass area for the children to use at playtimes and for sports activities.

The children, with the help of the local Countryside Ranger, have developed a Wildlife Area, which is situated at the bottom of the pitches, containing a pond, trees and a flowerbed. We also have a picnic area, with tables, benches and a willow bower. The children enjoy playing in the sand and bark pits located in this area. Playgroup have also built an enclosed playground and garden for use by preschool age children. A local artist assisted the children in developing large wall murals, which further enhance this area.

“The playground is so big and free to play games and have fun.”

“Castletown School’s playground is great because we have a lot of space to play in.”

“The playground is nice and big with lots of trees for hiding and playing fun games.”

“The playground is really big and you play lots of games and there is a cool sandpit and bark pit.”

Contact details

Castletown School
Main Street
By Thurso
KW14 8UA

01847 821256

School times –

Primary 1 – Primary 3  9:00 – 2:45
Primary 4 – Primary 7  9:00 – 3:15
Break time 10:40 – 11:00
Lunch time 12:40 – 1:35
P1-3 Bus supervision is in place from 2:45 – 3:15 for P1-3 children who need to wait for the bus.

Nursery (ELC) times are 9-3 each day.